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At this time we are no longer able to accept additional volunteers!

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How our program works
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About Community Service Help

Court ordered community service can be difficult to fit into your busy schedule. 30 short hours can quickly turn into 60 with a long commute. What if traffic is a nightmare and you're late? Most charities and foundations are only available during business hours, which means you may have to miss work or sacrifice time with your family. Some programs even require the applicant to sign up on a waiting list. Finding a community service opportunity shouldn't be that complicated...

Thankfully, there is an alternative. With the help of our charity partners, we have created a way for you to complete your court ordered community service online. Our program is based on the principle of self-education, and allows participants to better their own life while helping the community. This service is available at your convenience, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It can be done at any pace, from the comfort of your own home.

Register now to be instantly matched with a charity that is currently accepting online volunteers. After you have completed the required hours of community service, the charity you're matched with will send you a letter validating your work and hours. The verification letter will include the hours you've completed, the charity's Tax-ID number, a contact person and their phone number for verification, as well as the charity's mailing address on charity letterhead. If your community service requires validation, our charity partners will be more than happy to confirm your completed hours.

If you have any questions please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

We Will Save You Money

Traditional Community Service programs can often lead to unnecessary and unexpected expenses. While they typically don't require any upfront fee, the cost of gas, babysitting, and time off from work can be a financial burden. We'll use one of our recent customers as an example. Beth was arrested for possession of marijuana and sentenced to 90 hours of court ordered community service. Beth is a single mother of two baby boys and works three jobs to support them. If Beth were to complete her hours through a local charity it would have cost her at least $1695.00! That's an unbelievable $18.83 per community service hour ordered by the court! By using our service Beth was able to spend more time with her family, keep her work schedule, still satisfy her court ordered community service and managed to save $1645.05! Way to go Beth!

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