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Courts are assigning community service at a rapidly increasing rate putting society's burden on charities and nonprofit organizations. With excessive reporting requirements, required supervision, insurance, employee costs and potential safety issues court ordered volunteers can quickly become an expensive headache. Due to tight budgets and dwindling support, many charitable organizations have decided not to accept court ordered volunteers any longer.

Don't stress about your court ordered volunteers, let Community Service Help manage your entire court volunteering program. Through our innovative volunteering platform we will handle everything on behalf of your organization from start to finish.

Services Include:
  1. Electronic supervision
  2. Volunteer hour tracking
  3. Time sheets and logging
  4. Court reporting
  5. Paperwork verification
  6. Any related phone calls
  7. Customer support

Program Benefits:
  1. Absolutely free
  2. $20 Donation for every volunteer
  3. Complete volunteer management
  4. Statistics and volunteer tracking
  5. Branding and awareness for your organization
  6. Unlimited volunteer placement
  7. No restrictions based on type of crime, disability, location, or age

Feel confident in knowing that our team of trained experts are there 24/7 for your volunteers!

Rehabilitation is always more powerful than punishment. By giving someone a chance to enrich their life and gain new skills Community Service Help seeks to rehabilitate at risk individuals and provide them with the tools they need to be a successful member of society.

The benefits of education are irrefutable: higher salaries and lower unemployment rates. Cities with a higher percentage of high school and college graduates have lower crime rates. Education benefits individuals, families, communities, cities, and countries in an extremely positive way.

Community Service Help offers individuals a choice of what they would like to learn. By allowing our clients to choose they are more likely to immerse themselves in topics they are interested in, therefore, increasing the likelihood that they will retain and apply the information.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, Educational Attainment in the U.S. 2005

Nothing is more powerful than education. Community Service Help believes that education is the key to a well-rounded successful life. Through our education program we have put at risk individuals in millions of educational classes, given people new and exciting skills that will help them in today.s sparse job market, and inspired thousands of people to pursue higher education. By educating members of a community, Community Service Help is lowering crime rates and providing opportunities to those that need them the most.

The latest research indicates that approximately 75% of state prison inmates, 59% of federal inmates and 69% of jail inmates did not graduate high school. Additionally, the number of prison inmates without a high school diploma has increased over time. (1)

As estimated, a ten percent increase in the male high school graduation rate would reduce murder and assault arrest rates by 20%, motor vehicle theft by 13% and arson by 8%. (2)

1. Research presented at the 2005 Symposium on the Social Costs of Inadequate Education. Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY.
2. Harlow, C. (2003). Education and correctional populations. Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice.