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Judges are assigning community service at a rapidly increasing rate and with more probationers than ever needing to do volunteer hours charities are overwhelmed. Some nonprofits will not accept violent offenders, juveniles, physically handicapped volunteers and many have decided not to accept court ordered volunteers entirely, leaving your Probation Department with a significant problem.

Thankfully, there is a better way. Community Service Help's Volunteer Management program allows Courts and Probation Departments an easy way to assign community service, track their client's progress, maintain easy access to verification paperwork and guarantee your client's acceptance as a volunteer.

Your clients will be placed with a Federally approved 501(c)3 non profit that we guarantee will sponsor their volunteer work regardless of their crime, condition, or circumstance. As your clients go through the educational program our electronic supervision will track their time, make sure they are following the rules, and report their progress back to your staff in real time.

If you prefer to work with charities you're already associated with, our program is free for them too! Have your favorite charity partners register for our program and you can track your volunteers progress the entire way.

Services Include:
  1. Electronic supervision
  2. Volunteer hour tracking
  3. Time sheets and logging
  4. Court reporting
  5. Paperwork verification
  6. Any related phone calls
  7. Customer support

Program Benefits:
  1. Absolutely free
  2. Access to client paperwork
  3. Complete volunteer management
  4. Statistics and volunteer tracking
  5. Lowered probation department cost
  6. Unlimited volunteer placement
  7. No restrictions on crime, disability, or age

Don't stress about your court ordered volunteers, let Community Service Help manage your entire court volunteering program. Through our innovative volunteering platform we will handle everything on behalf of your organization from start to finish without restrictions.

Community Service Help is uniquely designed to address all of the growing problems your probation department faces, while giving volunteers skills they can utilize in the job market and an education that can help keep them out of the court system.

By surveying hundreds of Probation Officers we have determined that the largest roadblock your department faces is client communication and reporting. Through our online portal you will have 24/7 real-time access to all of your clients information including progress reports, acceptance letters, completion letters, and course lists all in PDF Format.

Never again will your clients violate probation or a court order due to a reporting error.

Program Features:
  1. Real-time tracking of volunteer hours
  2. Access to charity verification letters
  3. Access to client coursework
  4. Access to client time sheets
  5. Communicate directly with client / charity
  6. Available through any web browser or smart phone

Directly connecting your department, charities, and court ordered volunteers reduces communication and follow-up time by 80%. Our technology will help you ensure compliance with court orders and keep offenders out of the court room, reducing the hours spent in front of a judge and dramatically reducing record keeping. These costs add up to millions of dollars each year in large probation departments and can be alleviated by using Community Service Help.

Community Service Help has been incredibly successful in providing volunteers, charities and the court system with a more effective way to manage court ordered volunteers. Through our program we have helped thousands of people in every state complete the community service. Our program has been accepted by over 2,000 courts nationwide and is even used in Canada, the United Kingdom, and other European countries.

Community Service Help Statistics:
  1. Accepted in all 50 states
  2. Used by over 10,000 offenders annually
  3. Over 500,000 Volunteer hours completed
  4. Over 1,250,000 Educational courses delivered
  5. Over 2,000 Courts have accepted our volunteers

Program results:
  1. Reduces probationer recidivism rates
  2. Reduces community crime rates
  3. Reduces tax payer expenditures on waste
  4. Reduces community unemployment rates
  1. Increases job-worthiness of offenders
  2. Increases likelihood of offender's continuing education
  3. Improves offender's quality of life
  4. Improves probation department efficiency & accuracy